Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SYN - spark edition

Creativity is seen as a spark of inspiration and it is not only about artists and people in the creative sector. A spark can come from any source including anyone who addresses issues in a creative way: ordinary people can make the extraordinary happen if given the chance. A creative milieu is this chance: a milieu can be a city, a street or a building generating a flow of sparks for years, weeks or just for a couple of hours. Do you feel in a milieu now? Do you have a spark?
A spark can be a comment, an idea, a text, an image, a sound...an inspiration in general.
Your spark will activate SYN artificial neural system.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

SYN - med edition

The first topic covered by SYN for its participation to XV Biennale de la Mediterranée (Thessalonikki, Greece) is 

Mediterranean Symbiosis

Symbiosis is relationship among beings, an interaction  that can have both positive and negative impacts on them: aggregation, but also conflicts and instability; common projects and memories, as well barriers and distances.

SYN collects feeds with opinions, news, information on mediterranean finance, politics, society, culture among hundreds of specialized blogs and web community pages. 
The installation can be activated by a feed describing a new  Lebanese recipe or another one updating on the number of deaths in the Strait of Sicily...by a feed reviewing a flamenco show in Granada or another one reporting a new clash in Libya.
This is Mediterranean, this is Symbiosis, for better or for worse.
What is Mediterranean for you?